With increased connections, we have in the world today many people think that selling their home on their own is a great way to save money, but take a look at the statistics, and you may reconsider.

  •          Perfect Price - Pricing your home can be somewhat of a guessing game.  Online estimates can be off by as much as 35%.  Could you imagine selling your home for 35% off market value! 
  •          Up to Date Information - Data that is available, such as tax and county records, could be outdated by 6-12 months.  Using a Realtor who knows the local market and has access to the freshest data will help to maximize your earnings.
  •          Net More Money- Last year the average for sale by owner (“FSBO”) sold for $208,700. While the average home sold with an agent was $235,000.  This means that an agent-assisted home sale can net you a greater chance of profit.
  •          Expert Negotiations - When it comes time to negotiate terms with a potential buyer you may not be equipped to tackle the hard issues.  A real estate agent works as your go-between and most are trained in negotiation to ensure you, their client, gets the best deal possible.
  •          Professional Document Support – Purchase agreements today can range from 10-50 pages long without addendums.  This also doesn’t include the federal and state-mandated disclosures.  Most of these files are about 3 inches thick.  A real estate agent helps to simplify the documents so that you can understand the terms without hiring a lawyer. 
  •          Save Time -  Over 80% of all FSBO sellers eventually end up choosing to use an agent to sell their home.  Whether it is taking too long to sell, they get caught up in sticky negotiations, or trying to make sense of all the documents, selling without help can become just too much.

So, make sure you are getting full value from your home with the help of  your real estate agent by having a team on your side from the beginning.